• ITF launches anti-scam web tool for seafarers

    02.08.2021 Read more

  • International Day of the Seafarer 2021 #FairFuture4Seafarers

    21.06.2021 Read more

  • Beware of fake ads for cruise jobs- it's a scam!

    20.05.2021 Read more

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ITF launches anti-scam web tool for seafarers

ITF launches anti-scam guide for seafarers. It will help seafarers identify legitimate manning agents and help to stop scam job adverts

day of the seafarer 25th June

International Day of the Seafarer 2021 #FairFuture4Seafarers

international day of the seafarer. facebook live discussion. #FairFuture4Seafarers 25th June.

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Beware of fake ads for cruise jobs- it's a scam!

There are many fake adverts being published on social media at the moment. Don't click on them.


Unions repeat call for seafarer vaccine as India shuts down

Unions join the IMO and ILO in their call for seafarers to be given priority for the COVID vaccine after RCCL suspends Indian crew and the country shuts down.

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UN says: seafarers need priority COVID-19 vaccination

UN organisations issue joint call for seafarers to be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination

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Bali seafarers to get vaccination against COVID

5,000 seafarers will now get the COVID vaccine after work by ITF trade unions there. The UN and IMO supports the move as it recognises seafarers as key workers.

ladder to success

Some light in the darkness

Good news from 2020. How the NSU worked through the crisis

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Singapore vaccinates 10,000 seafarers as keyworkers

We are pleased to note that the Singapore government has started with its plan to vaccinate 10,000 seafarers by the end of January. This is after Singapore became one of the first countries to recognise seafarers as keyworkers.

seafarer sits alone on the deck of a rusty looking ship, wearing protective clothing for his job

ILO rules that governments have failed seafarers

The ILO has ruled that governments have failed seafarers by not getting them safely home, repatriated or able to execute crew change, leaving many seafarers stranded at home or at sea


Beware of fake job adverts- it could be a scam

There are lots of fake job adverts being targeted at cruise ship workers. These are scams designed to get money and personal details. Please do not answer them or give them money or details.

covid xmas

Goodbye 2020!

Goodbye 2020 and merry christmas from the Norwegian Seafarers' Union

Photos of workers rights are human rights banner

Eliminating violence and harassment in the world of work

ILO has established new global standards aimed at ending violence and harassment in the world of work


ITF: "don't use COVID to attack workers' rights"

ITF has sent a message to governments and employers- work with us to protect workers' rights during COVID, don't use the pandemic to attack workers' rights

IMO and UNWTO support safe re-start of cruise industry

IMO and UNWTO support re-start of cruise industry due to its importance to the world economy.


There is a scam letter circulating to RCCL crew. Someone is trying to take your money. Please delete this letter.


Ship visits and seminars cancelled for 2020

All NSU ship visits and seminars for 2020 have been cancelled because of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Crew home but challenges ahead

Most cruise industry crew have been repatriated but there are many challenges stil ahead.

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Watch and share this short film about what we do and who we are

Film about the Norwegian Seafarers Union

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Indian Seafarers Welfare Fund explained

A brief explanation of the Indian Seafarers Welfare Fund


Indian government opens ports to allow crew home

Indian borders open to seafarers

ITF Seafarers LabourStart