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  • UN says: seafarers need priority COVID-19 vaccination

    21.04.2021 Read more

  • Bali seafarers to get vaccination against COVID

    17.03.2021 Read more

  • Some light in the darkness

    12.02.2021 Read more

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  • Seafarer Mohammad Aisha is going home thanks to ITF, ending four years on abandoned ship

    22.04.2021 Read more

  • ITF Dockers union victory at Liberian APMT

    21.04.2021 Read more

  • The Ever Given showed the importance of tug and towage workers, but their industry continues to cut dangerous corners

    21.04.2021 Read more

  • ITF confirms Ever Given crew welfare, but Egypt cannot hold Suez seafarers hostage

    20.04.2021 Read more

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