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Death in service benefit

A short guide on protecting your family

Of course, we all want your life at sea to be safe and happy but we should all be prepared to help our loved ones if anything happens to us.

As a seafarer, your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) includes a death in service benefit. The death in service is usually a sum of money that is paid out if you die while you are at work.  It is very important to make sure that your details are up to date so that your family gets what they deserve if anything happens to you. When you start work, you should fill in the death in service form. This is where you tell the cruise company what to do and who to pay if anything happens to you.

Here is our very short guide on making sure your family don't have any delays if this happens to them:

1) Look out for the death in service benefit forms when you start work. You will fill in lots of forms when you start work as a seafarer so make sure you find those forms and fill them in correctly. If you don't know where they are, ask HR, your agency or the union.

2) Make sure your details are correct. You have to name a beneficiary in writing on the form. This is the person who will receive the benefit if you die. This is usually your husband, wife or the person who is responsible for your children. Make sure their details are up to date. Make sure the person you name has a copy of these documents.

3) Talk to your family about this. Make sure they know that it exists and what to do if they have to use it. It is important that they know where the paperwork is and who to contact at work if anything happens to you.

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