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ITF Expo 2023

Seafarers rights, wellness and safety is focus

Trade unions, welfare organisations, Inspectors and International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) sections gathered in Manila this weekend to meet thousands of seafarers attending the Expo.

Among the food trucks, seafarers visited different stalls to learn about their rights, health and safety whilst working at sea. There were also free seminars throughout the weekend on different subjects, such as mental health, safety awareness, grievance procedures, and other topics related to seafarers rights. The possibility of employment was discussed with various recruitment agencies who were there to give advice.

Filipinos make up 80% of the world's seafarers- around 450,000. The Expo was just one way that the ITF and its affiliates educate and inform them about what rights they have whilst working in the maritime industry and where to find help when they need it.  

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CNN Philippines also reported on the Expo. See their news clip here: CNN EXPO

The Expo coincided with International Day of the Seafarer on 25th June.


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