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IBF to implement high-risk area in the Red Sea

Seafarers to receive special conditions when sailing there

The International Bargaining Forum (IBF) is made up of seafarers unions as part of the ITF, and the international maritime employers as part of the Joint Negotiating Committee. These two groups get together and agree conditions of employment for seafarers around the world. These are the core principles that are then used for negotiation between unions and companies locally. 

The IBF has now declared that the southern section of the Red Sea and the Strait as a High Risk Area.

What does this mean for seafarers? 

Seafarers covered by IBF agreements will be entitled to:

- A bonus equal to basic pay for the duration of the transit.

- Double compensation for death or disability.

- Mandatory requirement to increase security arrangements equivalent to ISPS level 3.

ITF Seafarers’ Section Chair David Heindel said “These are trying times for the industry and especially seafarers, who are simply doing their jobs. While this is a sensitive political issue, for the seafarers it’s about their health and safety."

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