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Don't waste money- get free help from the union

We provide free support and services that private lawyers will charge lots of money for

We haven't had as much direct contact with crew as we would have liked over the past few years. Ship visits, seminars, Seafarers House and contact has been restricted. 

This means less seafarers have heard about what the union does and how to ask us for help.

As a result, the number of cases we handled last year was lower than usual. Instead, we understand that there has been an increase of cases being filed by private lawyers to try and solve your issues.

This is a bad situation- lawyers cost money, we help you for free!

If the company owes you any money, a private lawyer will take a cut – we will never take money from you.

A private lawyer will charge you for writing a letter, for calling the company, for filling in a form and anything else they have to do.

We have regular and direct contact with the company. We are able to resolve issues easily and quickly without going through long and expensive court cases.

We will never charge you for our services

During COVID, we kept in contact through social media. We hope you joined our series of Facebook live discussions on mental health & wellbeing. We campaigned for safe passage, priority vaccinations and fair treatment of seafarers.

Now we are back and we want to meet you face-to-face!

in 2023, we will be visiting as many ships as we can. To check when we are on your ship, go to our events page events

Tell your friends and colleagues and please come and talk to us! We can help!

For more information, send us an email at or check our our socials and



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