Unions repeat call for seafarer vaccine as India shuts down (Published May 2021)

Without vaccinating crew there could be a shortage of seafarers

How We Are Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic in Both Our Personal and Work Environments (Published April 2021)

When I was little, I listened to my parents talk frequently about historical events that have affected their lives. We studied in school many of those historical events. There were times when we even thought that it would be interesting to experience one of those events, until it was our turn…

UN says: seafarers need priority COVID-19 vaccination (Published April 2021)

The heads of five UN organisations have called for maritime workers to be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination

Seafarers’ House in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Published March 2021)

We were established in 2003 with support from the ITF. The centre aims to provide a space where seafarers can feel at home.

Seafarers' House: Protocols Summary for COVID-19 (Published March 2021)

by: Jorge Marin These protocols were created to prevent COVID-19 spreed among employees and visitors (visitors are: seafarers, community and tourists)

Seafarers' House: Packages Management (Published March 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed everything we do in our daily routine, including our procedures. However, regardless of distance, we here at SHSJ are committed to serving seafarers, even though we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

Bali seafarers to get vaccination against COVID (Published March 2021)

Seafarers in Bali are to be vaccinated against COVID after pressure from ITF unions

Seafarers' House COVID-19: Preparedness (Published February 2021)

Seafarers House is preparing the facilities to prevent COVID-19 and receive visitors as soon as the cruise industry return again.

Some light in the darkness (Published February 2021)

How the NSU has worked through the crisis

Singapore vaccinates 10,000 seafarers as keyworkers (Published February 2021)

One of the first countries to implement keyworker status for seafarers

ILO rules that governments have failed seafarers (Published January 2021)

Governments ignored MLC obligations and failed seafarers, the ILO has ruled

Beware of fake job adverts- it could be a scam (Published January 2021)

There are lots of fake job adverts being targeted at cruise ship workers at the moment. Please double-check.

Goodbye 2020! (Published December 2020)

Best wishes from the Norwegian Seafarers' Union

Contact us (Published December 2020)

Add event (Published November 2020)

World AIDS Day 2020 Facebook live : Challenging Stigma and Discrimination at Work (Published November 2020)

Join us on Facebook Live for World AIDS Day 2020

Eliminating violence and harassment in the world of work (Published November 2020)

ILO has established new global standards aimed at ending violence and harassment in the world of work.

ITF: "don't use COVID to attack workers' rights" (Published November 2020)

The statement instead urged employers and governments to engage with unions and to protect workers' rights during the pandemic.

IMO and UNWTO support safe re-start of cruise industry (Published November 2020)

The International Maritime Organisation and the World Tourism Organisation issued a joint statement in support of the cruise industry's safe re-start

SCAM ALERT FOR RCCL CREW (Published October 2020)

There is a scam letter circulating to RCCL crew. Below you can see a picture of the letter.

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