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Seafarers' House: Protocols Summary for COVID-19

The Caribbean

by: Jorge Marin These protocols were created to prevent COVID-19 spreed among employees and visitors (visitors are: seafarers, community and tourists)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced humanity to make drastic changes to every facet of our lives. All of us must do our part to get this pandemic under control. We at Seafarers’ House Puerto Rico are doing our part by establishing safety protocols at our center in Old San Juan. These safety protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of everyone that works and visits our facilities. A temperature check of everyone, social distancing, frequent hand sanitation of all employees during their work shifts and the mandatory use of face masks for everyone inside the building at all times, are just some of the requirements to enter and use of premises.

 The safety protocols are as follows:

  • Screening for visitors (seafarers, community and tourists):
    • An employee will check each visitor’s body temperature.
    • Visitors will then fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire and will be provided hand sanitizer and a face mask if needed before entering.
    • Visitors will enter one at a time, no grouping is permitted. As a safety precaution, the quantity of visitors in the establishment will be limited.
  • Registry:
    • Upon entering and passing the screening test, visitors will then show their ID and give the motive of their visit to the employee in charge of registry.
    • If visitors want to use our WiFi, they will be assigned a seat and must reside their until they leave.
    • Each visitor will have 30 minutes to use our services. If their visit is for another reason, they will be attended to at the moment by one of our employees and will leave once their motive for visiting has been resolved, this is done to keep the flow of visitors moving in our center and will ensure that everyone can have a chance to use our services.
  • Package Services:
    • If a seafarer notifies during registry that their reason for visiting is to pick up a package, they will then be directed to another employee that is in charge of packages.
    • They will be told to wait in a designated area until their package is ready to be delivered to them. If the seafarer is picking up someone else’s package, they must present an authorization letter from the package owner.



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