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Description of items for sale in Seafarers’ House and our contact information.

Seafarers House

A brief description of the items we have for sale in our center, separated into categories. We also provide our center’s contact information in case a seafarer wishes to contact us for any inquiry.

Seafarers’ House’s motto is “Your Home Away from Home”. We try to live up to that motto for seafarers by making their as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We provide a wide range of services to seafarers for their convenience, whether it be internet services or phone services. One very important service that we provide is our mini market. We understand that it can sometimes be hard for seafarers to get the goods and items they need fast when on the go. Seafarers’ House try to ease that problem by offering the sale of products from various categories relevant to seafarers. The item categories that are available in our mini market are:


Seafarers’ House has a wide variety of affordable snacks that will help many seafarers cure that hunger in a pinch. We offer snacks like; Chocolates, potato chip brands, candy bars, “Chicharrones” (a popular pork rinds snack in Puerto Rico), cookie variety and our most popular snack among seafarers, Cup Noodles, which come in a variety of flavors and sizes. We also add monthly different additional snacks to our inventory.

  • DRINKS        

We provide a wide range of soft drinks and juices; seafarers’ will have many options to satiate their thirst. We sell drinks like sodas (Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, etc.), juices (orange juice, apple juice, fruit punch, etc.), Energy Drinks (Monster, Mountain Dew Kickstart, etc.) Starbucks cold coffee drinks and a few local favorites like coconut water.


For those wanting to get rid of headaches, fever, and just overall pain relief, we sell pain relieving medicines. Seafarers needing hygiene products can buy our assortment of our shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, or hair care products. We also sell skin care products and toothpastes. Seafarers will also find different kinds of detergent products for their laundry.


 We sell power banks that recharge the batteries of electronics, phone chargers and micro SD memory cards and pen drives. We will also be offering additional electronics in the future.


We provide many accessories for seafarers that visit our center. Items like: backpacks, phone accessories, locks, belts for luggage and small handbags as well.


If seafarers are looking for a way to call their loved ones, we sell phone cards that can be used either in our center or anywhere else in the United States. We also recharge phone cards if seafarers need more time. We sell SIM cards that work in the US and its territories and we provide recharge services for this as well.

These are some of the many examples of the item’s seafarers will find for sale at our center. We will keep seafarers updated through our social media accounts when new items are available or when there are discounts that they may take advantage of. Our goal is to ensure that seafarers always have options when they come to the center and shop with us.


If seafarers wish to contact us here at Seafarers’ House San Juan, whether to ask a question about our services or products, they may contact our office by phone at: (787) 722-7575; or they may email us to speak to an employee at:, If seafarers wish to contact us regarding an inquiry on packages or information on our package policy, they may contact us via email at:


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