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Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023!

Our highlights from last year and our look to 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

To all our seafarers and supporters. 

Ship visits

In 2022, we were finally able to start visiting ship visits again. Despite retrictions, we managed to visit 50 ships. Now things are open again we plan to increase to our usual levels this year. We will be visiting as many ships as we can in 2023 so look out for us!

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Seafarers House, San Juan

Another relief was that we were able to fully re-open Seafarers’ House in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This means that all seafarers calling there in 2023 will be able to visit and use their services, including free package collection and free internet. Details of what’s available and more, click

Cruise seminars

2022 also saw the start up of our famous cruise seminars. We ran sucessful seminars in India, St. Lucia and Croatia. The aim of our seminars is to spread the word about the union, teach seafarers basic rights and about the system of the maritime laws and organisations that protect them, as well as health and wellbeing and financial planning. In 2023, we will have a seminar in the Philippines, Bali and India.

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We also managed to meet companies again and re-negotiated our agreements. If you want to find out more about your collective bargaining agreement and your updated terms and conditions, either contact us at or contact your onboard HR.

Case work

Throughout the COVID crisis and the whole of 2022, we continued the case work that arrived from seafarers all over the world. We had complicated cases on some issues but also many simple cases that we were able to resolve quickly.

Crystal Cruises

A major part of our work in 2022 was dealing with the collapse of Crystal Cruises, where hundreds of seafarers lost their jobs. We processed claims for outstanding pay, most of which have been resolved although we are still working on some complicated cases.

International work

The union has been represented at international organisations throughout 2022. Work on improving health and safety for seafarers, reducing contracts and improving the balance between men and women seafarers are among some of the issues we have tackled. This will continue as usual in 2023 through the ITF, ILO, IMO and other groups. For more information on this, click here:

Spread the word and speak to us!

So now we look forward to 2023 and working to make the lives of seafarers better wherever we can. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us.

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